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1, Be strictly according to ROHS standard requirements, to ensure that enterprises of products and production processes meet the standard, and make it enter into the corporate culture deeply, and also be motivate employees to rethink products and processes.
• 2,Be promoting clean production, be carry out energy-saving and improve the resource use efficiency. Developing circular economy and put it in an important position; to carry out comprehensive utilization of resources.
• 3, greening and beautifying the environment, and create a pleasant working environment. Standardized management, continuous improvement of corporate environmental performance.
• 4, with technical innovation as the operating force,be using advanced technology and equipment for improving management, increasing utilization, further promoting the recycling economy. Be make use of the method of low consumption, low emission, high efficiency to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. Throughout the value chain to reduce operational costs, reduce expenditure on environmental protection - such as waste disposal and regulatory pressures.
• 5, make full use of statistics has been a variety of other professional information,and then  analysis and study the environmental protection work systematic ally and comprehensively, summing up the results, identify contradictions, and make recommendations.
• 6, through environmental statistical analysis, it can be reflecting the ratio relationship between the corporate environmental protection and economic development is reasonable or not, it can be provide reference for the formulation of environmental protection measures.

• 7, employees should be understand their rights and obligations of the environment, thereby enhancing the love of the environment, environmental protection consciousness and enthusiasm.


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